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“A mass movement towards exploring and implementing ICT-enabled digital initiatives in education to make education system qualitative, transparent, and globally competitive ”

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A Vacation Digital College (VDC) Initiative for 12th Students

  • An unique opportunity for digital learning in digital era.
  • Subjects covered - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  • Online LMS based content management.
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    The Need

    India is rapidly emerging as a knowledge superpower. To facilitate this transformation and make Indian youth capable of shouldering responsibilities and being globally competitive, it is imperative to deploy our demographic advantage for becoming a knowledge superpower. This can be done by nurturing our working population and honing its knowledge and skills—and the key to that is human resource development.

    The Government of India recently launched NMEICT, the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. Although the government also launched such initiatives as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ for better education at all levels, large sections of the education community – including education managers and administrators – are unaware of many such initiatives and developments, and a few of them continue to shy away from ICT and ITES and from deploying them in education. E-Communication, e-Contents, e-Connectivity, etc. are held to be only distant possibilities for many schools in rural and urban areas, even in the metro cities. DigiBharati proposes to bridge this digital divide primarily by creating awareness and encouraging stakeholders in the education sector to switch over to ICT-enabled teaching, learning, and educational administration as quickly as possible. Besides, DigiBharati also proposes to work with the stakeholders to drive innovations and is committed to serving this fast-changing education sector.

    About Us

    DigiBharati Education Foundation is a social sector entrepreneurial start-up working in the domain of education. DigiBharati, a not-for profit organization, is registered with the Registrar of Companies, Pune, as a non-government company under Section 8 of the Indian Company Act, 2013 (CIN -U80904PN2017NPL173805). DigiBharati was founded, and is managed by, a group of like-minded and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

    DigiBharati aims to work towards creating awareness of the benefits of ICT and ITES – of digitization, in short – to India’s educational sector. DigiBharati will focus on schools and higher education as well as on skilling India. DigiBharati will enable and encourage all stakeholders in education to explore and adopt new technologies and modern methods of teaching, learning, managing, and administering education through digital means.

    DigiBharati will emerge as a hub for digital education in India. To explore new initiatives and provide a range of services for digital transformation of education, DigiBharati will network with like-minded organizations from the government, the private sector, and the social sector as well as with individual domain experts and will always be open to innovative ideas for such digital transformation of education.

    Along with its associates and network partners, DigiBharati will also offer many online portal-based services related to preparing for NAAC, NAAC audits-AAA, Green audit, examinations, connecting educational projects to industry, and other useful services to the youth including college students to present their talent online to society.


    Awareness and Outreach

    1. Training, workshops, conclaves, conferences, surveys, and publications on
    2. Current topics in education, digital India, and skill India
    3. Digitalization of educational systems and education administration
    4. Quality Initiatives: NAAC and NBA
    5. Academic, administrative, and green audits
    6. Value education
    7. Policies, regulations, and acts for education, fees, etc.
    8. Ongoing transformation in education

    NAAC Process Advisory and Education Institute Audits

    Providing online and offline services for

    1. NAAC accreditation process: self-study report (SSR), self-appraisal report (SAR), IQAC periodic reports, mock peer team review
    2. Academic and administrative audit (AAA)
    3. Green/eco audit
    4. Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) audits for educational institutions

    Online Portal Services

    1. Online examinations
    2. Online entrance tests and admissions
    3. Learning management system (LMS)
    4. Knowledge management system (KMS)
    5. Institutional portal management and support
    6. Thematic portal development

    Advisory and Consulting

    1. ICT initiatives for educational sector, education administration, online exams
    2. Policy, regulatory, and legal matters in education
    3. - Primary, secondary, and higher education
      - Education Act, Fees Regulation Act
    4. Proposals to set up educational institutions: preparation of DPRs
    5. Educational resources and planning

    Contact Us

    DigiBharati Education Foundation [CIN-U80904PN2017NPL173805]

    Email: info@digibharati.in

    Web: www.digibharati.in

    Contact No. : 9146063870